Native Missouri Ecology

Before European settlers arrived in our area, it was covered with prairies, savannas, and glades which were dominated by Prairie Grasses. Now that landscape and the grasses have almost disappeared.

Ecological restoration of Whiskey Creek Sheep Farm was prompted by the desire to save some of the local biodiversity and restore the farm's botanical heritage. Native prairie grasses are actively being established as part of the pasture, and the woods are managed to return them to a pre-settlement savanna-like condition.

After seeing beautiful nearby prairie remnants being converted to sub divisions, it became obvious that there is a need to help people moving to the country and developers to understand their land. Our ecological survey's helps provide landowners with an understanding of their land, by identifying:

  • plants,
  • habitats,
  • communities,
  • and how to bring back our area's natural heritage.

Many Missouri native plants are available at the Shaw Nature Reserve Wildflower Sale, held in early May.

Other Helpful Sites

Some sites to visit for more information about native Missouri ecology include:

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