Whiskey Creek Sheep Farm has been farmed continuously for at least 150 years, yet it is a reservoir of great biodiversity. In the last

10 years, 55 organisms have been found on the farm that were previously unknown in Franklin County: 28 herbaceous plants,

13 mosses, 6 liverworts, 2 hornworts, 1 snail, 1 wasp and 4 long-horned beetles. 


In an attempt to catalogue this biodiversity, records of the number of species are kept for the following organisms:


Herbaceous plants                     487   Birds                                          95

which includes:

Native indigenous                      311

Mosses                                      92

Planted native                            104 Liverworts                                 17

Non-native                                   72

Hornworts                                   2
Ferns                                            10 Long-horned beetles                 49 
Orchids                                          4 Metallic woodboaring beetles  16
Trees and shrubs                        67 Lichens                                       16
Frogs and toads                            9 Salamanders                               4
Turtles                                           3 Ants                                            34
Snakes                                         16 Butterflies                                  36
Lizards                                           4 Moths (most as caterpillars)   112
Snails                                           22  


If you have an organism of special interest that is not listed here, you are welcome to come for a visit and count them. 


This list documents the diversity resident in our rural areas, and what can be lost as farms are turned into subdivisions.

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